Students Play Gonk’t

On Wednesday July 26th, the students who attended the English Club meeting got to play the new version of professor Fetterman’s didactic card game Gonk’t.


Pedro Moya and Baltazar played the original turn based game, completing sentences in English that were both absurd, and grammatically correct.


First Meeting

The English Club had it’s first meeting on Wednesday 21/6/17. Students Baltazar and Pedro Moya participated in a number of enriching English activities. They began the afternoon playing the award-winning game Slapzi, which is designed to test English word recognition skills and comprehension. After playing three rapid fire rounds of Slapzi, students went to, which is a website that tests listening comprehension abilities.

This website allows users to pick their favorite songs and it provides a box which scrolls the lyrics to the song on the computer screen.  The box is always missing one word, and potentially many more depending upon the level of difficulty the user chooses.